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Summer is here and it is fairy garden season! In How to Make Simple Enchanted Fairy Gardens, I give an overview of the whole fairy gardening process. If you’re a beginner, I suggest you start there. I offer tips for choosing a theme, fairies and other embellishments, a pot, and plants for your fairy garden. And if you haven’t quite convinced yourself to give miniature gardening a try, check out 9 Irresistible Reasons to Get Outside and Plant a Fairy Garden. I love everything about fairy gardening! It’s easy, it doesn’t take a lot of space, and kids are simply drawn to it. Read all of my top reasons here.

Some miniature garden creators like to make their accessories from all natural materials: twigs, rocks, leaves, acorns, bark. They look amazing and someday I am going to create one myself. But if that’s not your thing, or you’re limited on time and access to natural supplies, then there are a lot of commercial options. If this sounds like you and you are ready to get started this is the list for you!

where to buy Inexpensive fairy garden supplies

I love looking for fairy garden supplies in unexpected places. Here is a roundup of the expected and not-so-expected places you can look for fairy garden supplies.

Keep in mind that if your garden is out in the weather (sun, wind, hail, and/or snow) accessories may fade, get chipped, be blown away, or sadly even get stolen. There is some risk in using any fun accessories in your miniature garden. Just bear this in mind when making your selections and in deciding how much you’re willing to spend on them.

I’ll get to some of the more common places to find fairy garden supplies, but let’s start with an unexpected place – pet stores.

Pet Stores

Yes! Pet stores! Pet Stores like PetSmart and PetCo are some of my favorite places to shop for fairy garden accessories. Go wander through the aquarium decorations and reptile perches sometime. I guarantee they’ll spark your imagination. Here are some of the great things I found wandering a couple of local pet stores.

Reptile Caves

Reptile caves are a fantastic addition to a fairy garden. They can be used as a mountain, as a rock feature in a garden, or as a cave (obviously!), perhaps housing a miniature dragon and its hoard.

Reptile Perches

I have used reptile perches a ton! They are just so perfect as trees in a forest setting. Can’t you see a little fairy sitting on a branch while watching miniature ducks? Or little mountain lions resting in the shade?

Aquarium Gravel and Artificial Plants

Aquarium gravel comes in so many bright colors. The only one I have used so far is blue for a lake, but I could definitely see using pink or orange for magical fairy pathways.

If you’d rather not worry about your plants growing and overcrowding your pot, or worse, dying, substitute live plants with artificial ones. There are lots of great options intended for aquarium use.

Aquarium Decorations

Aquarium decorations come in so many styles it’s hard to choose! If you want a pirate themed garden, try one with skulls, barrels, or a ship.

If you prefer mermaids, try coral features or a giant oyster shell filled with pearls.

Or for something a little more unique go for a castle, a mechanized wolf, or a tropical hut. That awesome castle is going in my Harry Potter themed garden this year!

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Home Improvement Stores and Nurseries

Yes, everyone knows to look for pots, soil, and dwarf plants at home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s, but don’t stop there! Definitely take a look down the tile aisle. There are sheets of tile that can be cut into whatever size and shape you like that are fairy patios waiting to happen.

And here’s a secret (but you didn’t hear it from me): you can pick up FREE vinyl flooring samples just like you would paint swatches. They come in many different patterns including wood and stone prints. These would make great fairy decks or gazebo floors.

Craft Stores

Whether or not you are crafty yourself, do yourself a favor and go wander your local craft store with an open mind. They are a virtual goldmine of possibilities! I live near both a Michaels and a Hobby Lobby. A big win for me! I spent a very happy afternoon wandering through and taking pictures. Here are a few things that I found that would be perfect in a fairy garden.

Seasonal Décor

Look for bunnies in the spring, pumpkins in the fall, and Christmas trees for winter. These charming bunnies, frogs, and mushrooms would all look right at home in a miniature garden.

Dollhouse Miniatures

A tiny lamp, metal gardening tools, and a wooden chicken coop could all accent a fairy’s story. Dollhouse miniatures are not crafted for outdoor use so look for ones made from metal and hard plastic if you intend to use them outside.

Plastic Animals

Your fairy garden could revolve around farm animals, jungle animals, or a beautiful magical Pegasus. These can be found in the toy and party favor sections.


Look for most fillers with the florals. You can find glass gems, pebbles, and gravel. Also look for colored sand and glass chips in other departments. Fillers can be used to line a pathway, create streams and ponds, or otherwise decorate your miniature garden.

Artificial Plants

There are lots of artificial plants in the floral and seasonal sections of craft stores. If you’re going to use your miniature garden outside, opt for plastic ones. Softer “silk” flowers and leaves should only be used indoor to look their best.


Line a walkway with miniature seashells or use them to create a beach-themed scene. A larger shell could even be used as a basin or planter for a tiny succulent.


Charms can be a little pricey, but wouldn’t these look, well, charming, in a fairy garden? I love the little lamp, journal, globe, and compasses. And those Native American inspired charms would complement a southwestern or dessert scene. Too cute! Look for these with the beads and other jewelry supplies.

Fairy Garden Miniatures

Some craft stores have seasonal and floral accessories specifically catered to the fairy garden. Look for houses, mermaids, trees and other plants, ponds, signs, animals, gnomes, and, of course, fairies! So many fun things to choose from!

Home Décor

You may not find treasure chests and teepees with the fairies, so look through home décor for less cutesy accessories. I would love to see that covered wagon in a southwestern garden.

Toy Stores

If you don’t have small treasures in your child’s toybox that can be used in a fairy garden, then wander the aisles in any toy store. You’ll find tiny dolls, ponies and other animals, cars and trucks, and action figures. These would all be great choices that appeal to young viewers.

Online Suppliers for Fairy Gardens

And finally, don’t forget online suppliers. Pay attention to the size of each accessory you are purchasing so you can keep your scale consistent! You wouldn’t want to end up with a 4-inch fairy and a 3-inch house!

Online Fairy Garden Suppliers

Fairy Homes and Gardens

Miniature Fairy Garden Superstore

Miniature Expressions

Factory Direct Craft


Jim Gray’s Petrified Wood Company – I just had to throw this one in for fun. I bought a beautiful end cut of petrified wood that I will use as a mountain in my Mandalorian miniature garden this year. It has beautiful color variation and looks even better in the rain!

There you have it! This is my list of where I like to shop for fairy garden supplies. I hope it’s been helpful and has given you some new ideas. And please, add to my list. If you have another source for supplies that you frequent, mention it in the Comments section below.

Now go make a miniature garden!

~ Lucinda

The Comprehensive Guide of Where to Buy Inexpensive Fairy Garden Supplies - Swish and Stitch (62)
The Comprehensive Guide of Where to Buy Inexpensive Fairy Garden Supplies - Swish and Stitch (63)
The Comprehensive Guide of Where to Buy Inexpensive Fairy Garden Supplies - Swish and Stitch (64)
The Comprehensive Guide of Where to Buy Inexpensive Fairy Garden Supplies - Swish and Stitch (65)

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The Comprehensive Guide of Where to Buy Inexpensive Fairy Garden Supplies - Swish and Stitch (2024)
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