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After some more talking with Ted, you’ll be at Mallton Mall. Walk up and check the trash for money. Then, just to the right by the bus, is the suitcase for this level. Use code 6-2-9 for some extra cash. After that, talk with the lady standing to the left of the doors. (The Smoker 1/4)

Talk to Ted then head inside. You will need a minimum of $78 to progress here.
To start, you will have a short conversation with the security guard. Then go to the desk and interact with the brochures to get Mallton Luggage (Sticky Fingers Mallton 1/6)

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You will need to fail pickpocketing 3 times during this level, so I recommend just do that right now. If you have pickpocket set to auto, be sure to toggle that option back to the minigame before continuing so that failing is possible. Once you fail all 3 times, you will be in Videoville and will need to rewind the tapes. (ugh)

  • The Legitimate Hustle

    Rewound tapes for money and earned back everything they took from you.

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Turn the Pickpocketing back to auto, if you'd like.
Now, you are able to pickpocket everyone you come across with no impact to achievements for the remainder of the game. I will not mention when I pickpocket anymore unless the person contains an item related to achievements or the story. Be sure you pickpocket enough to reach the goal each level.

Go back to the front door on the left.
Check the trash can then walk down and interact with the palm tree. Grab the coconut that falls. (Collector Item 5/25)

(I will not be telling you to check every trash can anymore, if you see a hand icon, grab it all!)

Go down and right until you run into the bright blue comedian. Talk to him (The Joker 2/5)

Interact with the number pad beside the door back here and enter 6-5-3-7, ENTER. Go through the door and interact with the locker on the right to find Coco (Sticky Fingers Mallton 2/6)

Then go to the left and grab the Golden Burblo off the counter.

Exit this room and interact with the stranger in pink garb that has appeared. He will introduce himself as Big Daddy. He will be wanting you to find more of these Burblos as you go through the levels. Talk to him again and agree to sell him the Golden Burblo. (Kids in a Trench 1/6)

Go around the building and enter Ok! Toys!. Walk over to the left wall and interact to get Mallton Caterpillar (Sticky Fingers Mallton 3/6)

Exit and move up to the next store, Plaid to the Bone. Talk to the girl behind the clothes on the left. (Periwinkle Takeover 1/4)

Leave the store. Go up and right, past the Scrunchies and Popcorn, to find yourself at the Food Court. At the bottom left table is Brotan (Sticky Fingers Mallton 4/6)

Just up from this table is a guy in a wheelchair. Talk with him and he will challenge you to beat his score of 350 on The Rad Skater game. Interact with the video game machine and play until you get a score of at least 15,000 if you want to get some of those achievements out of the way, otherwise there will be 3 other opportunities to grab them.
Invincibility ON: While playing, there is no need to jump over any obstacles, just collect the coins, run all the objects over, and collect as many clocks as needed to complete the level/achievements. To end the game let the time run out.
Invincibility OFF
: While playing, jump over as many obstacles as you can using Guide for The Big Con (11) and, if going for the achievements, be sure to pick up each clock so you don't run out of time. Obviously, grab all the coins you come across too. To finish the game, run into the obstacles.

  • A Rad Achievement

    Whoa, that's a pretty rad score you got on Rad Skater.

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  • A Radder Achievement

    WHOA, how did you do that?

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    This is a higher score than anyone on the dev team ever has or ever will achieve.

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Once you beat the 350, talk to the guy in the wheelchair again. (The Skater 1/4)

There should be someone loitering around the tables now that will mention something about a beach or vacation, pickpocket him to find the Flipflop Keychain (Collector Item 6/25)

Be sure to check each trash can as you come across them, eventually you will find a Plastic Lei. This location is randomized each time. (Collector Item 7/25)

Go up to the Hormaslice shop and interact with the pizzas. The cashier will eventually give you Pineapple Pizza - yum! Grab it off the counter. (Collector Item 8/25)

Interact with the wall just to the left of the cashier for Hormslice (Sticky Fingers Mallton 5/6)

Talk to the Horm rep close by about the Crystal Horm Secret. Say "Sure, why not" then choose: Corn, Ham, Mackerel, and Glucuronolactone for some extra money.
Walk to the left now and enter the Videoville store. Squeeze to the right between the pillar and the shelf on the right to find Alien Beach Baby. (Film Buff 2/7)

Exit the shop (stand to the left of the Tape Return slot) and it's optional if you want to enter the Costume Cave, just past the Pawn Shop.
Go left around the shop and up to see some pay phones. Interact with the phone on the right. Choose: Phone Mari. (The Tape Never Lies 2/2)

  • The Tape Never Lies

    Called Mari from the road and played it real cool.

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Interact with the phone again and choose: Phone mom. (The Truth 1/3)
Interact with the phone once more and choose: Phone the weird shoe guy. Tell him “The shoes fly like eagles at midnight.” (The Big Sneak 2/6)

Talk to Ted. You’re going to learn about changebreaking. You will have the option to practice on him, if you’d like. These are the rules throughout the game - they will only be listed here, so memorize them, write them down, or just jump back to this page if you need a refresher.
*Sigh*=Sad – Tell A Joke
*Uhhh*=Worried – Say Something Weird
*Ugh*Grrr*=Angry – Keep Counting

  • The Changebreaker

    Learned how to make something out of nothing with a little changebreaking magic.

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Walk down and interact with the Photo Booth to find Rad G. (Sticky Fingers Mallton 6/6)

  • Sticky Fingers Mallton

    Found some additions to your sticker collection in a huge mall.

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Go down by the rides and behind the middle one you can find a Burblo.
Nab it then head over to the fountain on the right and sell it to the man with the child. Run up to the Pawn Shop and talk to the Collector behind the counter. Ask what items he’s looking for then check your bag for items. Repeat this once more to give him the rest of the desired items.
(This is the achievement where the requirements were technically met in Lisbon, but I did not have much luck getting this achievement until getting to the Mall.)

  • The Collector's Gambit

    Met the collector and added to his collection. What does he do with this stuff?

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Go ahead and sell any of your extra items while you're here, if you'd like.

Although not necessary, feel free to go around and make some more money by changebreaking at the different stores.
Once you’re ready to go, head to the train station at the left side of the mall. Go through the doors with "Heartland Hormliner" above them and there will be some dialogue with Ted.
Press Guide for The Big Con (42) when prompted to move on to the next location.

  • The Burblo Boondoggle

    Grabbed enough money for a train ticket.

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5. Hormliner Express3. Lisbon

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Guide for The Big Con (2024)
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