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Start off by going through the dialogue with Ted. Once that's done, walk up and grab the can of Gold Spray Paint by the building.

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Head down the alley on the left to find the Comedian standing next to a pay phone. Talk to the comedian to receive a ticket to his show tonight. (The Joker 4/5)

Use the phone to call Mari. (Best Friend Shuffle 2/3)
Use the phone to call your mom and tell her you’re in Las Venganza. (The Truth 3/3)

  • The Truth

    Told your mom the truth, it's her fault if she doesn't believe you, right?

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Go down and enter De Lancie’s. There’s quite a bit to do here. First talk to Vic in the wheelchair for another challenge on the game, this time his score to beat is 1600. So, play the game and get at least that much, then talk to Vic again. (The Skater 3/4)

Further to the left you will see the Smoker. Talk to her to progress that achievement. (The Smoker 3/4)

Behind where she was standing you can pick up a Cigar which will come into play later. The guy standing between the pool tables is the Shoe Guy, Jimmy Shoelace. Talk to him, be sure to say "let's shoe this.." to progress that achievement, and get your next assignment: stealing some very rare shoes. (The Big Sneak 5/6)

Head back to the right and talk to the bartender. Ask what else is on the menu until the option “Secret Menu?” appears; choose that. She will give you Cigarette in a Coffee. (Collector Item 13/25)

Exit this building and talk to the woman that has appeared just outside the door, this is Sneaky Dee.

She wants you to steal Jimmy’s shoes. Walk up the sidewalk now and enter Bean Spirit. There are a few Bean Spirits around, so keep that in mind as you continue to explore this area. Once inside, use the shelf on the left to listen to the couple on the right. After that, grab the Gold Fanny Pack on the floor.

Talk to the cashier now and ask what else there is until the secret menu option appears like before. Select it and you will receive a Cornchunkaccino (yeah, gross). (Collector Item 14/25)

Leave the Bean Spirit (after asking for change, if you’d like) and walk up the sidewalk some and enter Videoville. Talk to the cashier and, again, ask ‘what else’ until the secret menu option appears for you to use. He will hand over Secret Aging Man. (Film Buff 4/7)

Leave the store, walk up the sidewalk, and cross the street. Here you will see someone partially hidden behind the palm tree who LOVES comedy.

Interact with them to sell them the ticket to the comedy show. (The Joker 5/5)

  • The Joker

    Coached a comedian for his big stage show, but respectfully did not attend.

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Walk up the sidewalk and it’s optional to go inside une Jolie Femme. I did just to pick up a few things, including a Platinum Fanny Pack, plus there’s a couple people inside to pickpocket.

Walk up the sidewalk, across the street, and up the sidewalk by the large fountain. Past the fountain, behind the Eiffel Tower, you can find Fake Paris. (Sticky Fingers Venganza 1/5)

Continue up the sidewalk and enter the Bean Spirit here. On the left shelf you can find Bean Spirit. (Sticky Fingers Venganza 2/5)

You can also grab another collector item here from the cashier by asking about the secret menu: The Hormspresso Surprise (again, gross). (Collector Item 15/25)

Exit, go back down some and cross the street back toward the left and go down the alley behind the une Jolie Femme store. Standing in front of the heart statue is the yellow guy from the train (the one talking about Josie). Talk to him to progress that achievement. (The Lover 2/5)

Go back down and around the fountain to the right. Once you see the gold art statue, walk up behind the fruit vendor and you can find the Stressed Burblo in the bushes here.

Go down to the palm trees in the center of the street and you can find Las Venganza Luggage (Sticky Fingers Venganza 3/5) behind the right tree.

Go up the street and enter the large white building. Interact with the bag on the right, enter code 1-4-6 for some cash. Leave, cross the street, and go into this Bean Spirit. Talk to this cashier until you can choose the secret menu option, and he will give you the Blue La’Goon. (Collector Item 16/25)

Move across the street to the left and go between the buildings here. Hug the Pawn Shop wall.

Move around until you see the dialogue “...cheese cheese cheese...” appear. Interact with the speech to find the cheese girl again from the train. (The Squeaky Stranger 2/5)

Go up and enter the Big Steal Thrift Store. Straight away you can grab the Cheap Fanny Pack off the display (this will eventually end up spray painted gold in your inventory - like the finance papers on the train). Talk to the purple girl in the back to make progress on that achievement. (Periwinkle Takeover 2/4)

Once you’re done in there, exit the building and go down to the Pawn Shop. Go inside. Talk to the Collector and hand in your secret items. On the right you can find Boyband. (Sticky Fingers Venganza 4/5)

Just a few more things to do here in Las Venganza.
The next place to visit is Rusted Springs Apartments, to the right of the Pawn Shop. Go inside and use the left elevator to go upstairs. Go to room 21 and enter using code: 5-4-0-3, ENTER. You will automatically grab the shoes. You can then go back upstairs and unlock room 22, using code: 7-4-5-3, ENTER.

Exit the apartment building and you will start a conversation with Myrna. (If she isn't standing there, try going back into the Apartment building then exiting again, that seemed to fix it for me.)

She has a task for us to complete. Talk to her again to get the details. Be sure to agree to getting the licenses for her, DO NOT just pay her off.

Walk down the sidewalk then cross the street to find a purple girl in green with an out-of-state license.

Go up the sidewalk toward the Used Car lot and pickpocket a license from the guy in green shorts.

Between the pink and green cars you can find Cooldog. (Sticky Fingers Venganza 5/5)

  • Sticky Fingers Las Venganza

    Found some additions to your sticker collection in a big city.

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Talk to the blue guy in a black tracksuit to ask about information ("I hear you know things"). DO NOT call him Dan the Man.

Talk to him again (say "I've got it right here") and give him the Gold Fanny Pack, DO NOT give him the Cheap Fanny Pack, in exchange for his information.

  • The Watcher

    Got a Gold Fanny Pack for Dan as a thanks for spying on the locals.

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Walk up past Ted to find Jimmy Shoelace behind the pillar here.

Talk to him to complete this achievement. (The Big Sneak 6/6)

  • The Big Sneak

    Got way too deep in the underground shoe game.

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Go back out to the main street on the right. Pickpocket the two people here (one has a black shirt and red pants, the other is dressed in all blue).

  • The Flin Flon Flimflam

    Stole an out-of-state drivers license from some guy from Saskatchewan.

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Grab another license from the person in green across the street by the donation box (it will also be an out-of-state license you need).

Go back to Myrna, who should be in front of the Rusted Springs, or down the sidewalk just a bit, and talk to her.

  • The Fraudster

    Stole some wallets for Myrna. Wonder what she's gonna do with those...

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Walk up the sidewalk and through the alley between the Pawn Shop and the Big Steal Thrift Store. Sneaky Dee, in her black tracksuit, should be waiting for you here. Talk to her and give her the shoes for some more cash.

Go back to the left, between the stores to eventually come out by DeLancie's, and go across the street to spy on the dad with the kid across the street.

Approach and talk to him so Big Daddy will appear. DO NOT sell the Burblo to the dad - it needs to go to Big Daddy. Walk a bit up the sidewalk and you'll find Big Daddy leaning against a tree.

Go up there and talk to Big Daddy twice to sell the Stressed Burblo. (Kids in a Trench 3/5)

At one point, somewhere on the map, there will be a green guy in blue overalls and blue hat walking around, named Murray. Follow him around and listen to his conversations with people. Try to not follow him too closely or he may get suspicious and skip the next person, meaning you have to follow him around another loop. You will need to listen to them all:

Outside the main doors of une Jolie Femme - Likes Bass Guitar and Hates Guitar Solos

Left of une Jolie Femme - Loves Cigars and Talks with People he Trusts

By the Heart Statue - Likes Record Players and Vinyl Records

By Tables and Chairs (above Eiffel Tower) - Likes The Grackles Sports Team and He played Defense

After gaining all this knowledge (there should be separate journal entries each time you listen in on his conversations), approach and interact with him ("chew the fat"). Answer all the questions according to the above hints and you’ll become friends. (Sports, The Grackles, Defense, The Bass Guitar, Record Player)

  • The Protectionist

    Became friends with Murray, while he shook people down in Las Venganza.

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Finally, head back to Ted and talk to him. After a short scene, use the left elevator to go upstairs. The safe can be found behind the painting on the back wall.

Open it using code 7-3-0-0, ENTER. After the dialogue, grab the picture behind the sofa to move on.

If you want, go sell the remainder of your items to the Collector at the Pawn Shop. When you’re ready to go, talk to Ted inside the hotel (behind the Heart Statue). Use Guide for The Big Con (61) when prompted to draw in your journal.

  • The Kabaczky Confusion

    Stole a lot of money from... the Kabaczkys.

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7. Perdido5. Hormliner Express

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Guide for The Big Con (2024)
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