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Our college football predictions today are based on 10,000 simulations per NCAAF game to determine the most likely results. For this week's NCAAF picks, click on any matchup below.

4PM, Aug 24 Florida State 81% -12.5 Georgia Tech 19% +12.5 CFB See Matchup 12AM, Aug 25 Southern Methodist 93% -24.5 Nevada 7% +24.5 CFB See Matchup 12AM, Aug 30 Coastal Carolina 36% +4.0 Jacksonville State 64% -4.0 CFB See Matchup 12AM, Aug 30 North Carolina 39% +1.5 Minnesota 61% -1.5 CFB See Matchup 12AM, Aug 30 North Dakota State 33% +8.0 Colorado 67% -8.0 CFB See Matchup 11PM, Aug 30 Temple 1% +41.5 Oklahoma 99% -41.5 CFB See Matchup 11PM, Aug 30 Florida Atlantic 28% +11.5 Michigan State 72% -11.5 CFB See Matchup 1AM, Aug 31 Western Michigan 7% +24.5 Wisconsin 93% -24.5 CFB See Matchup 2:30AM, Aug 31 TCU 67% -9.0 Stanford 33% +9.0 CFB See Matchup 4PM, Aug 31 Kent State 7% +23.5 Pittsburgh 93% -23.5 CFB See Matchup 4PM, Aug 31 Penn State 75% -10.5 West Virginia 25% +10.5 CFB See Matchup 4PM, Aug 31 Clemson 17% +13.5 Georgia 83% -13.5 CFB See Matchup 4PM, Aug 31 Virginia Tech 80% -13.5 Vanderbilt 20% +13.5 CFB See Matchup 4PM, Aug 31 Connecticut 8% +21.0 Maryland 92% -21.0 CFB See Matchup 7:30PM, Aug 31 Miami Florida 49% -2.5 Florida 51% +2.5 CFB See Matchup 7:30PM, Aug 31 Kennesaw State 7% +22.5 UTSA 93% -22.5 CFB See Matchup 7:30PM, Aug 31 Texas-El Paso 3% +27.5 Nebraska 97% -27.5 CFB See Matchup 7:30PM, Aug 31 Eastern Michigan 43% -1.5 Massachusetts 57% +1.5 CFB See Matchup 7:30PM, Aug 31 Akron 0% +50.5 Ohio State 100% -50.5 CFB See Matchup 7:30PM, Aug 31 Miami Ohio 36% +3.5 Northwestern 64% -3.5 CFB See Matchup 7:30PM, Aug 31 Ohio 18% +14.5 Syracuse 82% -14.5 CFB See Matchup 7:30PM, Aug 31 Florida International 9% +19.5 Indiana 91% -19.5 CFB See Matchup 7:30PM, Aug 31 Colorado State 2% +36.5 Texas 98% -36.5 CFB See Matchup 8PM, Aug 31 Boise State 72% -10.5 Georgia Southern 28% +10.5 CFB See Matchup 8:15PM, Aug 31 Old Dominion 14% +20.5 South Carolina 86% -20.5 CFB See Matchup 9PM, Aug 31 North Texas 40% +7.0 South Alabama 60% -7.0 CFB See Matchup 11PM, Aug 31 Sam Houston State 27% +12.5 Rice 73% -12.5 CFB See Matchup 11PM, Aug 31 UNLV 36% +3.5 Houston 64% -3.5 CFB See Matchup 11PM, Aug 31 Nevada 14% +15.5 Troy State 86% -15.5 CFB See Matchup 11PM, Aug 31 Western Kentucky 4% +30.5 Alabama 96% -30.5 CFB See Matchup 11:30PM, Aug 31 Fresno State 8% +20.5 Michigan 92% -20.5 CFB See Matchup 11:30PM, Aug 31 UCLA 86% -13.5 Hawaii 14% +13.5 CFB See Matchup 11:45PM, Aug 31 Southern Miss 4% +25.0 Kentucky 96% -25.0 CFB See Matchup 12AM, Sep 1 Georgia State 12% +20.5 Georgia Tech 88% -20.5 CFB See Matchup 12AM, Sep 1 James Madison 75% -8.5 Charlotte 25% +8.5 CFB See Matchup 2:30AM, Sep 1 Wyoming 33% +7.0 Arizona State 67% -7.0 CFB See Matchup 2:30AM, Sep 1 New Mexico 2% +30.5 Arizona 98% -30.5 CFB See Matchup 11:30PM, Sep 2 Boston College 7% +22.0 Florida State 93% -22.0 CFB See Matchup

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Daily College Football Picks and Predictions is the ultimate destination for college football picks and predictions, all derived from the 10,000 simulations per NCAAF game that we cover. This rigorous process helps us pinpoint the most probable CFB results today while also identifying opportunities where the odds from sports betting sites may offer bettors significant value.

Whether you're here to gain an edge in your NCAAF betting or simply love the game, we've got insights and free college football picks that cater to every football fan.

How to Use Our Predictions

Navigate through our comprehensive list of college football matchups on this page to discoverNCAAF predictions, detailed insights, andcollege football expert picksfor all major bet types. Each CFB game is thoroughly analyzed, offering you a variety of perspectives for your betting strategies.

For Both Seasoned Bettors and Football Fans

Ourcollege football predictionsare designed for everyone passionate about college football, from experienced bettors sharpening their strategies to newcomers eager to learn more about the game. Please note that users must be 18+ or 21+ (depending on state legislation) to engage in sports betting.

Why Trust Our Predictions?

At Dimers, we pride ourselves on our in-house computer model's expertise and experience. Our dedicated team of sports analysts and data scientists ensures that our college football predictions this week are not only insightful but also reliable, giving you an edge in your betting decisions.

Daily Updates

Our CFB predictions are refreshed daily, incorporating the latest data and trends. This means you're always getting the most current and relevant information to guide your NCAA football picks.

Where to Use Our Predictions

While our college football predictions are a great tool for entertainment, they are also immensely useful for placing bets on various sports betting sites or participating in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platforms. Use our NCAAF insights to make informed decisions wherever you choose to play.

Explore More on College Football

Delve deeper into the world of college football with our extensive coverage of the best college football bets today and the latest college football news. These additional resources are designed to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of college football betting.

Responsible Gambling

We strongly advocate for responsible gambling and encourage our users to bet wisely. If you or someone you know needs assistance with gambling problems, please refer to our responsible gambling resources for help and guidance.

Our College Football Picks Against the Spread

Dimers presents college football picks against the spreadas part of ourfree NCAAF picks, fresh off the algorithm and onto the digital gridiron. For every NCAAF matchup that we analyze, we have at our disposal an array of industry-leading college football predictions against the spread and computerized picks.

Drawing intelligence from machine learning and conducting 10,000 simulations per CFB game, our sophisticated system dives deep into all the action, synthesizing outcomes with unmatched precision. While no model can claim 100% accuracy for individual game outcomes, Dimers' exhaustive analysis uncovers patterns and probable scenarios that put you in the best position to beat the sportsbooks.

We've all witnessed how perceptions and sentiments about teams or players can inadvertently sway a bettor's judgment. But not with Dimers. Our computerized college football picks todayremove the element of human emotion and biases from the equation, giving you an edge.

What Is the Best Site for College Football Predictions? is the home of the best college football predictions, providing fans with the tools, computer analysis, and expert data to excel at college football betting. Best of all, Dimers is completely free, so check out our NCAA football predictionsto increase your odds of winning.

Here's why Dimers stands out as the best site for college football predictions:

  • Free Access: Unlike others, we provide free access to our college football predictions against the spread and more, ensuring every fan can enjoy the thrill of informed betting.
  • Accurate Predictions: Our NCAAF expert picks come from thorough analysis and simulations, making us a reliable source for college football betting picks.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From CFB predictions today to college football odds, our coverage is as deep as it is broad.
  • Best Odds and Promotions: We link you to the best odds and promotions available from the legal sportsbooks in your state, enhancing your betting experience.
  • Transparency: We acknowledge that no prediction model is perfect, and factors like weather, injuries, and luck can influence game outcomes. That's why we not only provide our own NCAAF predictions today but also share the data behind them. We let you know the percentage of our projections that resulted in a team winning the game and covering the spread, along with other valuable and insightful information to help you make the most informed bets possible.

Dimers is dedicated to providing comprehensive college football betting coverage, including expert analysis, college football computer picks, and the most accurate college football predictions. With our free access, accurate predictions, and focus on transparency, Dimers is the top choice for college football predictions.

Understanding College Football Score Predictions

College football, which is beloved in the United States, features a wide range of teams from colleges across the country. The colleges are divided into conferences, each with its own set of teams competing against one another, such as theAtlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big Ten Conference, Big 12 Conference, Pac-12 Conference, and Southeastern Conference (SEC). During the regular season, which spans several weeks, these teams have the chance to showcase their skills and battle it out on the field, and each matchup has its own college score predictions.

At the end of the regular season, both college football bowl predictions and the College Football Playoff (CFP) come into play. The CFP is a yearly postseason elimination tournament designed to crown a national champion for the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), representing the highest level of college football competition in the United States. This tournament consists of four teams competing in two semifinal matchups, with the winners of each semifinal advancing to compete in the College Football Playoff National Championship game.

For those interested in NCAAF score predictions, whether you're a diehard CFB fan or a casual observer, the sport offers a unique and captivating experience. The passion, talent, and dedication displayed by the players and teams make it a must-watch for any sports fan.

College Football Picks and Predictions: Comprehensive Bet Types Guide

Dimers offers detailed NCAAF picks and predictions across various bet types, as described below.

Moneyline Picks and Predictions

Our CFB moneyline picks simplify betting; just choose the team you think will win. This straightforward approach doesn't consider points or handicaps. If the team you pick based on our predictions wins, your bet succeeds. Odds vary based on perceived team strengths.

Spread Bets: Picks Against the Spread

Our CFB picks against the spread balance the odds by setting a margin the favored team must overcome. For example, if one team is a 7-point favorite, they must win by more than 7 points for your bet to win. Conversely, a bet on the underdog requires them to lose by less than the spread or win outright.

Over/Under Bets: Picks and Predictions (Totals Betting)

Over/under bets focus on the total score. We provide predictions for whether the combined score will be over or under a set number in every NCAAF matchup that we list on this page.

Prop Bets: Specific Event Predictions

Our college football prop bets involve predicting specific events within a game, such as a player's performance.

Parlays: Combined Picks

Combine multiple college football predictions into a single parlay bet for potentially larger payouts. Each prediction in the parlay must be correct for the bet towin.

Future Bets: Long-Term Predictions

These bets focus on long-term outcomes, like predicting which team will win the national championship or dominate their conference. Futures betting involves prolonged predictions and often offers larger potential returns due to its unpredictable nature and attractive CFP odds.

Summary is your go-to destination for college football predictions in the United States. While you're here, check out our NFL picks, college basketball predictions, and more. We also provide the best bets, prop picks, and parlay picks across all the major sports in America.

College Football Picks & Predictions This Week 🏈 (2024)
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