Club Spotlight: Latin American Management Association at Kellogg (2024)

Get to know the community at Kellogg. Representing several Latin American countries, the K-Latam Club is a professional and affinity group that shines light on business, culture and more.

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Club Spotlight: Latin American Management Association at Kellogg (1)

A group photo of some K-Latam members during this year’s farewell BBQ for the graduating class.

Your MBA journey at Kellogg stretches beyond the classroom. Our students are leaders who create communities based on shared social and cultural values and interests as well as industries and geography.

Two members of the K-Latam Club, Ana Beatriz Ferrer Rodriguez ’24 MBA and Ursula Calmet Schwartzmann ’24 MBA, recently shared how this club helped shaped their Kellogg journey fostering growth and connection — one that will continue beyond their time at Kellogg.

Kellogg:Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! What has been one of your greatest takeaways from when you first started your MBA until now?

Ana Beatriz Ferrer Rodriguez: I had very high expectations when I decided to come to Kellogg. Through classes, extracurriculars and social events, I knew that the two years would be a mix of personal and professional growth. It’s safe to say that my experience has surpassed those expectations. I took some fascinating classes, pursued my desired career transition, made lifelong connections and pushed myself beyond my comfort zone.

My biggest takeaways from this experience include the importance of balancing all aspects of life, prioritizing my values when making difficult decisions and cultivating strong relationships and connections.

Ursula Calmet Schwartzmann: Before Kellogg, I expected my transformative experience to come primarily from esteemed professors and classes. However, it's the people with whom I've shared this journey who have made it truly remarkable. Engaging with a diverse cohort has sparked enlightening discussions and revealed endless possibilities.

I now believe the sky’s the limit — a cliché, perhaps, but undeniably true. My biggest takeaways are to always prioritize connections, keep an open mind and embrace the transformative power of genuine relationships and challenging perspectives.

“Through K-Latam, I was able to make connections with peers who eventually became some of my closest friends. I cherish these friendships dearly, and I know they will carry on beyond the two years at Kellogg.”

Kellogg: Business school is already a time-intensive endeavor. What sparked your interest in joining K-Latam?

Rodriguez: Arriving at Kellogg can be an overwhelming experience due to the endless involvement opportunities and countless people to meet. Connecting with those with similar cultural backgrounds and celebrating my Latin American roots helped me feel more at home at Kellogg.

Through K-Latam, I was able to make connections with peers who eventually became some of my closest friends. I cherish these friendships dearly, and I know they will carry on beyond the two years at Kellogg. I chose to get involved with the club because I wanted to continue building the tight-knit community that has helped me thrive during my time here.

Schwartzmann: In my first year, I chose not to engage with the K-Latam executive team, seeking instead to broaden my network by joining other clubs. However, by the end of the year, I reflected on my experiences at Kellogg and discovered that the closest connections I had formed were within the K-Latam community. Furthermore, most of the memorable events I attended were organized by K-Latam. This inspired me to contribute more actively to the club during my second year. I wanted to give back to the community that had played such a pivotal role in shaping my Kellogg journey.

Kellogg: In what ways have you felt the club has supported your personal and professional growth?

Rodriguez: K-Latam has helped me make meaningful connections with the Latin American community at Kellogg. This includes students in other graduating years as well as alumni. From a professional standpoint, the club provides resources and support to its community members with the transition from their home countries to Kellogg, recruiting and even post-Kellogg alumni clubs.

From a personal growth standpoint, I have learned much about Latin American cultures and traditions beyond those of my home country, and I have become friends with a diverse group of students from many different parts of Latin America.

Schwartzmann: The club helped me navigate the challenges of adjusting to life in the U.S. and form deep bonds with fellow Latin American friends—bonds that feel like family. It's not just about studying together; it's about sharing memories that bridge the gap between our cultures.

Professionally, it has helped me connect with Latam Kellogg alums, which was invaluable in shaping my career path. Being a part of this club has also given me a sense of belonging. It's not just an organization; it's a community that has enriched my Kellogg experience in ways I could have never imagined.

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Kellogg: How does K-Latam foster networking opportunities and professional connections within the Kellogg community?

Rodriguez: K-Latam plans events throughout the year to foster community building and connections. We collaborate with other clubs to bring interesting speakers to campus and to promote networking with other communities through smaller events, such as small group dinners. K-Latam also collaborates with the Hispanic Management Association (HMA) in planning “Mi Gente Week” during Hispanic Heritage Month. It is a week filled with a variety of events open to the full Kellogg community that celebrate our cultures. From salsa classes and trivia nights to alumni chats, there is much that is offered.

Schwartzmann: We have many initiatives to foster connections. As part of the marketing team, I consistently create content for our LinkedIn, K-Latam Club, to establish connections with alumni for future advice. Additionally, the club organizes social gatherings to build a supportive community. We also arrange industry panels to provide insights and networking opportunities. The goal is to cultivate lasting relationships, ensuring ongoing support beyond graduation.

Could you describe a memorable experience or event you've had while being part of this club?

Rodriguez: My favorite K-Latam event is our annual retreat. Every year, K-Latam plans a weekend getaway to a nearby destination to promote bonding and connection among its members. It was fun meeting K-Latam members I hadn’t met previously, especially those in a different year or program, while also seizing the opportunity to spend more time with friends in the community.

Schwartzmann: The boat party is one of my favorite K-Latam events. It takes place during “Mi Gente Week,” which we organize with the Hispanic Management Association. It's super exciting to dance to Latin music, showcase it to the Kellogg community and admire the Chicago skyline. This past year, we had great weather, and it was a lot of fun!

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Club Spotlight: Latin American Management Association at Kellogg (2024)
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